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Demo Day

Organizing/ guest list/ hosting

WeWork Aviation House Chapel, London, October 11, 2019

Charities Demo Day 2019 was an event inspired by startup culture that announced effective new charities created through Charity Entrepreneurship’s Incubation Program. I was responsible for organizing and running the event (finding an affordable London venue, guest list, invites, hosting, taking photos, collaborating with the video crew, helping charities prepare)Photos: U.Z.

Surprise dinner with Peter Singer


wegemama, Warsaw, June 2017

While I was PR&Marketing Manager at wegemama restaurant in Warsaw, I spontaneously organized a dinner with professor Peter Singer. He was promoting his book "Ponad czasem" during his visit to Poland. Peter Singer is one of the most influential living philosophers and kindly accepted my invitation to dine with activists from organizations like Otwarte Klatki, Compassion Polska, and EA Poland. Photos: U.Z.

Veggie World

Inviting VIP presenters, ProVeg International stand, managing recording of #iamproveg campaign, representing ProVeg during the event.

Warsaw, May 12-13, 2018

During my work as contracted Communications Manager for ProVeg International in Poland, I helped organize Veggie World (an event promoting a plant-based lifestyle). I was responsible for representing ProVeg during the ELLE Polska magazine panel (other guests included: Areta Szpura and Orina Krajewska); organizing ProVeg stand; inviting VIP guests to run cooking shows and meetings,  e.g. Vienio (rapper, producer, journalist, author), Katarzyna Konopa (vegan & beauty influencer), Bartłomiej Filipek (coach), Weganon (blogger), Wiktor Morgulec (famous yoga instructor). I also co-managed the first day of the event, volunteers, recording of the videos with VIPs for #iamproveg campaign, and was responsible for arranging Melanie Joy's book signing, translating a radio interview with her, and arranging her transport.
Photos: ProVeg

Grand opening of wegemama

Organizing/ online promotion/ event management/ hosting

Warsaw, February 2017

While I was PR&Marketing Manager at wegemama restaurant in Warsaw (now called wegeguru) I was responsible for the grand opening. We ran two events, one for VIPs and press and the other for employees and friends of the project. I was responsible for PR & marketing of both, including: 

  • Managing the work of PR specialists

  • PR packages for the press and guests

  • Printed materials

  • Hiring and managing photographers

  • Working with hired musicians

  • Hosting the event

Guests included: Małgorzata Foremniak (famous actress), Beata Pawlikowska (traveller, author), Wojciech Eichelberger and Katarzyna Miller (prominent psychology experts), Mieczysław Szcześniak (singer), Katarzyna Burzyńska- Sychowicz (TV presenter), Marta Dymek (author, blogger), Natalia Przybysz (singer, musician, who has given a small concert for the guests).