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Other projects

Outdoor & social media campaign "7 days without milk"

Managing marketing campaign, collaboration with companies and influencers. 


While working with ProVeg Poland I managed the marketing campaign called "7 Days Without Milk". My responsibilities included: 

  • Managing the graphic process of the outdoor campaign, working with the na_ty agency from Warsaw, which created the graphics that appeared on the most popular tram and bus stops in Warsaw.

  • Managing the social media campaign.

  • Creating of a 7-day newsletter with recipes, tips and discounts.

  • Managing cooperation with influencers, bloggers and companies that provided content and discounts for the newsletter campaign.

Publishing eBooks

Management, eBooks layout


While working at, I was responsible for publishing a series of classic eBooks, including Graham Masterton's short story "Beholder." My job involved managing collaborations with illustrators, designing layouts for the books, and getting them ready for publication in ePUB, mobi, and PDF formats.

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